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A huge amount of CO2 emissions is released daily

Which is why we use Carbon Capture technology in our products

It allows us to take back those emmissions from air

and use it to manufacture our products


In 2020 we joined forces with Carbon Upcycling Technologies and their consumer facing brand Oco to start work on combining captured CO2 emissions with recycled plastic.


Our exclusive partnership with Oco has enabled each new GROUNDTRUTH product to be a carbon sink that demonstrates the direct utilisation of CO emissions into end products.

GT-OCO-CO2 technology

Microplastics have now been found in all ecosystems around the world and have recently been detected in our blood. Plastic production is set to increase in the years to come but only a small percentage will ever be recycled. Together with our textile partners, PolyCore, we have elevated our existing 100% rPET GT-RK-001 textile to incorporate Polycore’s advanced Eco-X water-based coating.


Better Performance

By adding captured CO2 to recycled Polypropylene, we have increased the mechanical performance of our new range of hardware by up to 40% compared to virgin plastic. Starting with a zip puller we are now expanding our unique formula into a whole range of bespoke GROUNDTRUTH hardware - such as buckels, D-rings and many more.


“As a sustainable textile technology company, working with GROUNDTRUTH has been a breath of fresh air. They have prioritized the health of the environment through every step of this process and are setting a new environmental standard in the backpack industry.”

- ARTHUR CHEN | Founder, PolyCore Solutions

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