an image of a woman making groundtruth bag


We believe that humanity and the environment are inextricably linked and that the people who make our bags are as important as the people who buy them. During development, we searched extensively to find a manufacturer who shared this ethos. We have forged a strong partnership with a family-run manufacturers in Jakarta whose exemplary attitude towards worker wellbeing and sustainability sets them apart as a leader in their field.

an image of a woman making groundtruth bag


Employing workers from the local area they prevent the harmful family separation that is widespread within this industry. They work shorter hours, are provided with access to training, healthcare and access to education for their children.<br> These values emphasise the human to human connections within our company, fostering a sense of fellowship that spans cultures and continents.

an image of a woman making groundtruth bag

Our Workers

Over the years of development and production we have called Jakarta our second home, spending lengthily periods of time in our manufacturers working with our team. We film and document every step to ensure total transparency - even visiting the workers home to check living standards. We value these personal relationships as these are the people making our bags and we have a responsibility to ensure happy, fair and sustainable conditions.

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Discover Planet & Performance

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We reserve, recycle and innovate new technology to convert plastic waste and CO2 emissions into a range of textiles and components.

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Future focused design is integral to our philosophy - creating modern and long lasting products built for any environment.

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