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Functionality is at the core of our design ethos and we trial and test every product - for style, function and our newly innovated materials. Each GROUNDTRUTH range is field tested in the environment it was designed for. Along with ourselves making rigorous testing our selected ambassadors use the products in their work. Real people doing real things, in real environments with products designed to last.

an image of a woman making groundtruth bag

Buy Less

Buy Less Our moto is to create long lasting products that survive and thrive for 10 years and more. The fast pased consumption of today directly fuels both the increase of CO2 emissions and waste. We believe that the consumer has the power to change the way clothes, bags and accessories are made. In simple terms, buy less and buy better. You have the power to ask the hard questions and dive deeper and look beyond the lable; Sustainable.

an image of a woman making groundtruth bag

Our Debut Range

the RIKR range is tested by Robert Swan - a British explorer, environmentalist and the first man to walk unsupported to both the North and South Poles.“If recycled plastic bottles can be made into something that can survive these conditions - no one can ever doubt the durability of GROUNDTRUTH.” ROBERT SWAN, Explorer and Environmentalist. Founder, 2041.

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Discover People and Planet

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With our own investigative approach, we put the rights of our workers first - placing human rights central to our core.

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We reserve, recycle and innovate new technology to convert plastic waste & CO2 emissions into a range of textiles and components.

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